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School Gap Filling

What We Do

ARISE and Shine believes Education is critical for development and helps lay the foundations for social well-being, economic growth, security, gender equality, and peace. It also provides the frontline of defense in tackling diseases by teaching oneself protection and protecting others. However, there are many causes of illiteracy in African immigrant and refugee children, including but not limited to child labor, poverty, uneducated parents, gender inequality, religion, war, heath, lack of proper schooling facilities, and the corrupted government. Consequently, there is no school age in most African countries. Unfortunately, most African immigrant and refugee youth find it hard to fit in the American education system due to the American school-aged placement, which offers no options for gap filling; as a result, they end up not have an opportunity to finishing their high school education and graduate and not knowing what to do next. Through its EGS (Education Gap-filling Services), ARISE and Shine offers tuition for school-aged immigrant and refugee students to fill-up the gaps that are due to placement.

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