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ARISE and Shine works to assist Immigrant and Refugee as well as other underserved communities in the broad areas of Career, Job Search and Preparedness, Family Nurturing Services, Housing and Stability, Emotional Support, Education, Language and Digital Literacy Services, with the purpose to reduce our communities in the welfare system, increase the number of graduates of Immigrant and Refugee youth, promote positive youth development preventing juvenile delinquency and youth crime. Empower and aspire our communities to become self-sufficient, pioneering their skills and talents and support them to overcome the challenges they encounter in their day-to-day lives, improve the dignity and the overall quality of their lives, turning passion to profession, eliminating barriers to opportunities and encouraging heathy eating choices through gardening and cultural appropriate, organic heathy food growing.

Housing & Stability
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Our Mission

To provide high-quality services for the immigrant and refugee families, promote positive youth development in empowering and inspiring them to become Self-sufficient by pioneering their talents and skills, and prevent juvenile delinquency and youth crime. Provide academic support, talent and innovative skills discovery and empowerment, navigate health and human services for our communities and enhance the dignity and quality of their lives by eliminating barriers to opportunity through the power of hard work.


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