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Digital Literacy

What We Do

Computers are a necessity in today’s world. No matter who you are or where you came from, it is becoming essential to be digitally literate in the United States. Being digital literate makes it easier to access important information, conduct job searches, fill out healthcare paperwork, learn to integrate into new communities, stay connected to friends and family around the world, and so much more.


Many immigrants and refugees lack basic computer skills. They often need to complete tasks requiring technology and the Internet for


• Accessing government materials and services

• Locating and signing up for community-based services

• Connecting with their school (or their child’s school),

• Learning and practicing English

• Enrolling in workforce training

• Finding job openings and applying for jobs

• Fulfilling on-the-job responsibilities

• Managing finances



Following our mission of creating self-sufficient immigrant and refugee individuals, our digital literacy training will ultimately provide them with the much-needed tools to get them back on their feet.

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