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Language Service

About Arise & Shine Language Service

Language and culture are interrelated; a group of people is identified through its particular language. After all, language and culture define people, their views, traditions, habits, and almost everything about their daily lives. When you interact with another language, you also interact with the culture that speaks the language. But most importantly, when you speak one’s language, you speak to their soul. Language barriers are among the significant concerns for newcomer immigrants and refugees when adjusting to a new country. African immigrant and refugee families need to quickly understand how to fulfill the most basic needs in their new country; they need to use an interpreter. We also understand that many immigrant refugees have trouble adjusting to the shift in perspective that is often required to live in a new culture. Customs, speech, and behavior might differ from those of the immigrant and refugee’s country. Through language services, ARISE and Shine provides broad range culturally, linguistic and social services to ensure that immigrant and refugee individuals receive fair and adequate human, health, and legal services.

Language services play a mediation role between both parts, with different languages and cultures, ensuring that it is useful, smoothing out inequalities between them, and placing them on the same social level. Assuring immigrants and refugee families are integrate and get involved in their hosting community and regain a sense of mutual trust and dignity by building bridges between cultures and societies.
Language Teaching Services

Language proficiency is a key driver of immigrant and refugee integration.

Interpretation & Translation Services

We provider interpretation and translation services from and into over 150 languages.

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