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GED Program

What We Do

As many immigrant and refugee children grow older, they find it more difficult to overcome barriers that prevent them from continuing their education.

There may be issues beyond their control that they cannot overcome related to certification, proper identification documents, or refusal to recognize certifications issued in an immigrant and refugee’s country of origin. Consequently, these young people are not given opportunities to continue their education after traditional options have systematically failed them.

Without traditional educational opportunities, they will need guidance and support on options that allow them to invest in their future and strengthen their skills and talents.

Through the GED Program, we revive their hopes for a successful future. The GED program is an alternative to a traditional high school education. Nearly all colleges in the USA, and many universities outside of the USA, accept applicants who have earned a GED diploma. The GED diploma is also widely accepted by employers as an alternative to a high school diploma.

We assist immigrants and refugees with navigating a pathway to their educational goals. This assistance can make a meaningful difference in the types of opportunities available for their careers. We want to come alongside them to encourage them to move forward towards a brighter future.

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