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Culture Preservation

What We Do

Culture preservation services are short-term, family- based focused services designed to assist families in crisis by improving parenting and family functioning while keeping children safe. Stressors that refugee children and families experience as they try to navigate between their new culture and their culture of origin include but not limited to conflicts between children and parents over new and old cultural views, conflicts with peers related to cultural misunderstandings, problems trying to fit in at school, struggle to form an integrated identity including elements of their new culture and their culture of origin. We work closely with immigrant and refugee families to address the cultural issues. Through ARISE and Shine Talk Show we bring immigrant and refugee first and second generation as well as seniors from their cultural background to talk about the dynamics between their culture of origin versus their new culture, then come up with better ways to solve cultural conflicts. We also provide support to immigrant and refugee youth as they navigate their new culture and keeping relevant values of their culture of origin.

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