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Farm To Market

What We Do

Prior to their arrival to the USA, most African refugees have depended on agriculture as their primary source of income. They consume and sell what they cultivate. Immigrant and refugee community growers sell their fresh, healthy and local produce at different markets.


We work closely with community partner organizations to connect these farmers with Community Markets. Farm-to-market programs support these growers to generate an income from their labor, while also reducing food insecurity in the underserved communities. These neighborhoods often have limited access to stores with fresh fruits and vegetables, so the fresh, nutritious foods are much-needed.


ARISE and Shine tirelessly works to develop more partnerships with Community-Based Organizations which support growers facing financial, cultural, and social barriers. These partnerships work together to help farmers gain access to farm sites for their communities and teach them how to be successful at farmers’ markets. By empowering the growers, the community also benefits from their hard work to provide fresh, healthy and local produce to neighbors as the farmers learn to become more self-sufficient.

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